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PIA aircraft-shaped balloon seized in IoK

NEW DELHI: The Indian police reportedly seized a balloon in the shape of the Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) aircraft in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The seizure of the PIA balloon was reported in Sotra Chak village of Hiranagar sector by Indian news agency Asian News International (ANI).

“An aircraft-shaped balloon with ‘PIA’ written on it landed in Sotra Chak village of Hiranagar sector yesterday evening,” the media agency said. “The balloon was taken into custody by police,” it added.

Indian media reported that locals saw the balloon and informed the police. Upon receiving the reports, police teams reached the spot and took the balloon into custody. The matter is currently under police investigation.

Last year in June, India claimed to find a Pakistani “spy pigeon” near a check-post of the Border Security Force (BSF) close to the border with Pakistan.

The pigeon was later handed over to the police. Indian police said it will have the pigeon it suspects was spying for Pakistan x-rayed to rule out the possibility of any coded messages.

According to an Indian news outlet, police in Ajnala town of Amritsar district will have the bird examined to ascertain it does not have a tiny spying object embedded in its body. The report went on to add that the conveying of coded messages through the bird is not a rare occurrence on the Punjab side of the border.