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Nadia Hussain has an advice for newcomer models who have problems with her career

Supermodel Nadia Hussain has revealed that she would never have surgical treatments.

Nadia Hussain said that those people who like treatments like plastic surgery and also have the financial aid to afford expensive treatment should undergo such operations. She cleared that if she ever got a chance to undergo plastic surgery, she will, however, she added that people need to understand the difference between surgery and a botox treatment.

Regarding modeling, the actress said that it is difficult to get permission to model in our country. “I would only ask parents to permit their children to do what they want,” she asserted. While talking about acting, the model said that it is quite a tough job as it needs patience, I think acting and modeling are both hard work,” Hussain added.

The model claimed that she has been modeling for 20 years but she is very satisfied with all the work she has done so far. She also got a lot of love from the fans, Hussain claimed. However, Nadia continued that she has also heard from her fellows that the newcomers have a problem with Nadia Hussain’s stable career.

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“I have heard a lot behind my back that models like Nadia do not give up their careers, I would like to give a message to those that models like us do not forcibly become a part of any show, people hire us as organizers,” She said by adding and pay us ten times more than the young fellow models earn.

Regarding fashion in Pakistan, the model said that fashion weeks are being held continuously but a lack of creative work is witnessed, but in spite of this the work is still going well, she added by further saying that there should be fashion shows for students in the country, there is a lot of creative work in them, she maintained.