Rising petrol prices effect consumer’s monthly budget

RAWALPINDI: In the light of the increase in petroleum prices, the denizens of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are worrying about their monthly budget.

The people have suggested the PTI administration to withdraw the decision in the greater public interest. The authorities on Wednesday announced a 4.5 to 10pc hike in petroleum prices.

The people are skeptical because the recent bulge in oil prices would result in an increased price of food commodities and other goods and services besides commutation fares.

Mohammad Suleman, a government employee, said that he had a limited salary and it would be difficult for him to manage the household budget. He said that the prices of the edibles food products had increased manifold, however, their salaries remained the same.

He said that new taxes and duties had contributed to people’s miseries, and they had to seek other part-time jobs to meet their monthly expenditures. He said that he was planning to open a shop in his neighborhood, but he could not raise enough money.

Shahid Raja, a schoolteacher, complained that the latest price hike would affect the quality of life of common people.

Arslan Ali, a private company’s employee, stated that the surge in petroleum prices had also affected his budget.

“My salary has not been increased during the last one year, but the prices of various commodities have gone up manifold, making it difficult for me to manage things,” he said. He added that the government had already increased the electricity and gas tariffs.

“Instead of increasing the oil prices, the rulers should cut their own expenditures through austerity,” he said.

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