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Pakistani celebrities condemn killing of elderly civilian in IoK by Indian troops

KARACHI: Pakistani celebrities have spoken up against the killing of an unarmed civilian in front of his 3-year-old grandson in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
Taking to Twitter, Mehwish Hayat asked the world for how long will it stay quiet over aggression against innocent people of Kashmir.

“If this doesn’t move you Idk what will.  How can the world stand by quietly& allow Indian Forces to act with such impunity &get away with this aggression against innocent ppl of #Kashmir? How much longer are we going 2 turns a blind eye? This has to stop. Kashmiri lives also matter!,” Mehwish wrote.
Moreover, actor Shaan Shahid called out those who are not speaking up against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

“Is this what #India has become shame on the people who did this and shame on the people who stand quiet while this genocide is being done #savehumanity #savekashmir #khansofbollywood #silenceofthelambs,” Shaan wrote.
Ali Rehman Khan termed the act as a ‘cold-blooded murder’ and ‘state-sponsored terrorism’.

“They can spin this as much as they want, but killing an unarmed man who had his 3 yr old grandson in his lap, in cold blood is murder. State-sponsored terrorism. Against innocent people of Kashmir. The world must take notice! The silence is deafening  #sopore #KashmiriLivesMatter,” he wrote.
A gruesome incident recently took place in IoK’s Sopore district where an elderly man, accompanied by his three-year-old grandson, was shot dead by Indian forces in front of the minor. The family of Bashir Ahmed Khan alleged that he was dragged out of his car after the showdown and shot dead by paramilitary troopers.
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