Pakistan allows chartered flight to transport US, British diplomats

KARACHI: Pakistan has granted permission to operate a chartered flight on the request of US Embassy to transport American citizens and diplomats along with British officials.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has released a statement for the special plane of US Embassy which will land in Karachi and Islamabad to transport 135 persons including US and British diplomats. Three British diplomats will also depart through the chartered flight.
According to the advisory, no one will be allowed to enter the airport terminal in either Karachi or Islamabad to see off the passengers except diplomatic staff members. The aviation authority has permitted diplomatic staff to establish a separate counter to assist the departing passengers.
Furthermore, no one including crew members will not be allowed to come out of the chartered flight upon embarking the plane. The passengers will depart to Islamabad and onward to Chicago.
CAA has made special arrangements for the departure of US citizens and diplomats. The airport manager has summoned the officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Customs and other institutions for assisting the departing foreigners.
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