Not an ‘ex’ vs ‘ex’ debate: My complaint is against harassment on internet, says Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir has been trending on social media since last week after her video went viral with Aashir Wajahat. However, things came to an ugly turn after she faced a heinous act during a live Instagram session.

She then uploaded a video explaining how she is living another day surviving in a misogynist world. Once again, Aamir took to social media and explained how her debate or rants are not over any former relationship (which she meant with ex-beau Asim Azhar). 

“I’m going to state the facts one last time. This is not about what he said or what she said. It is important for me to clearly state it is not an ex vs ex debate. It is about shedding light on a much larger issue,” Hania said in her new post which she posted with three pages of screenshots. 

According to Hania, her complaint is against:

Harassment and bullying on the internet.

The man who committed a heinous act and the people who made his video viral.

A public figure inciting hate by bullying a woman when she is trying to pick herself up after the disgust on the internet against her. Hania further revealed her complaint is against all those who find it funny to target, sexualize and objectify women on public platforms.

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“I am raising my voice against misogyny and the prevalent mindset,” highlighted Hania. “We as a generation are responsive; for paving a way for the next. What we do, how we act and the way we deal with things will set an example for times to come,” she asserted.

Hania made it clear that she will not shy away from admitting her mistakes and changing for the better. She once again reiterated that she is not against men she is speaking up against misogyny and the act of cyberbullying as it can destroy lives.

The actress concluded her post by saying she advise certain people, “If you didn’t mean to target or harm someone with your public remarks please be prompt with you response and clear the air when the narratives are being blown out of proportion and be quick to address it before it creates irreparable damage, “Ask me, I’m still trending,” concluded Hania.


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