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Nauman Ijaz highlights serious issues that impact showbiz industry

The actor turned host was last seen in Parizaad drama (Online)

Versatile actor Nauman Ijaz recently talked highlighted serious issues that impact the showbiz industry, and society.

The actor turned host, who was last seen in Parizaad drama, is currently hosting a show during which he exposed the real face of the award shows. He asked his guests Shagufta Ijaz and Mohib Mirza about awards. To which, Shagufta Ijaz said there is a very small story to narrate. “Even if you are nominated at an award show but you could approve your physical presence there, sadly you will not be given the award.”

Continuing the same topic, Nauman Ijaz narrated a similar incident about award shows that he witnessed himself during his recent trip to Karachi. According to Ijaz, he met one of the great artists at the airport who was invited to recent awards and he had to face a lot of degradation.

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“He was given a ticket for the fake information and the ticket had written that the actor is a salesperson and when he argued, the management told him that he only have to attend award shows so he should just do that,” narrated the Parizaad actor.

He also added that there is another story that one actor and one musician were asked to share the room because the award had a low budget. Nauman Ijaz said that they also give away awards on the basis of confirmation to attend the shows. He said that actors just bear such things to see a new location, which is sad.