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Mukhtaran Mai to join Aurat March in Multan

MULTAN: Social activist Mukhtaran Mai will join Aurat March 2021 for the protest, sit-ins, and demonstrations in Multan being observed today.

Mukhtaran Mai is a survivor of sexual assault who gained worldwide attention when she took to court the men who gang-raped her in 2002.  Last month, she released a message before attending the Aurat March after a meeting with the protest organisers.

“The reason I attend every march is to represent women in rural areas,” she said. “I’m stepping out for the rights of women in Pakistan. I’ve always participated in Lahore and Multan. It’s International Women’s Day.”

“I raise my voice because a woman bears cruelty in society. Our women are not weak and will fight for her rights,” she added.

Mukhtaran is currently working as a social activist in South Punjab working to educate girls and to promote education with a view towards raising awareness to prevent ‘honour’ killings.

She founded the Mukhtar Mai Women’s Welfare Organization (MMWWO) to help the local community, especially women, through education and other projects.  The main focus of her work is to educate young girls and to educate the community about women’s rights and gender issues.

Her organisation teaches young girls and make efforts to ensure they stay in school, rather than work or get married. Iy also provides shelter and legal help for women who are victims of violence or injustice.

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