Meet Pakistan’s youngest Rubik master

Rubik is a game that is said to be solved only by the most intelligent, there is also a mathematical formula that can be solved in seconds.

Students are regularly guided in this formula at college and university level but there are some gifted kids around us who solve Rubik’s cube unaided at a young age. One of them is Karachi’s Haniell Idris, who holds the distinction of being Pakistan’s youngest Rubik Cube Master.

Haniel Muhammad Idris is the shining star of Pakistan who represented the country in the 2019 Reuben competition held in Germany, he was the only Pakistani out of 240 to be selected for the competition.

Regarding this competition, Haniel told MM News that the competition was quite challenging for him because the weather in Germany is quite cold while being a resident of Karachi and the weather here is hot most of the time. My hands were constantly freezing due to the cold which made it very difficult for me to solve the cube, he added.

Haniel said that he had reached the quarter finals of this competition, apart from this he has also won a lot of victories in local level competitions in Pakistan.

Regarding the competition in Germany, Haniel said that all the players there had expensive sponsors, good Rubik’s Cubes that they were rolling easily, these Rubik’s Cubes cost 20,000 and even more. I think if we also get support from the government, then we can also win and make the country famous, Hanial said.

Talking about his ability in this game, he said that I can solve 3/3 Rubik’s cube in 10 seconds, 2/2 in 3 seconds and pyramids in 5 seconds.

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