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Tuesday 15th June 2021 / 4 Zulkaedah 1442

Maryam Noor describes her struggle being ‘unmarried’

Actress Maryam Noor has recently spilled the beans of facing immense pressure of being an unmarried girl.

The Ishq Jalebi actress talked about the biggest snag of an unmarried girl, “Everybody is talking about “Shadi Nahi Hori (you are not marrying)” which builds immense pressure on you and even if you achieve something big, nobody will see it.”

The Shehnai actress also shared that she has achieved so much in life according to her capacity but nobody sees it. “In our society only one talent of a girl is acknowledged that she has got married,” she continued.

“We girls have no other talents. You have done law, who cares everyone does that, you worked and made a distinguished place under difficult circumstances, who cares all girls do it,” she added.

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She revealed that she is also fond of interior designing and keeps doing stuff in her house. “They don’t see anything, the day I will be married I will be the princess that day” said Maryam Noor shared.

Talking about social media Maryam Noor said that she herself has roamed around the whole world but whenever she uploads pictures people say that she is lonely and there are no couple goals.

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