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Maryam Nawaz accuses PM Imran of hiding facts in foreign funding case

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Thursday alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan tried to “sabotage” the investigation of the Election Commission of Pakistan into PTI’s funding through foreign donors.

“Not only did the PTI lie in its disclosures to the ECP, it tried to sabotage their investigation,” she said, while addressing a press conference.

Maryam said “never before in its history”, had the country ever witnessed such “irrefutable proof” against any party or any leader.

“You tell your party to highlight the ‘brand’ Imran Khan. Your brand is that you are incompetent, unqualified, corrupt, a liar, conspiratorial, a looter, [and that you are behind] mind-boggling inflation, economic devastation, unemployment and guilty of illegal foreign funding,” she said.

“This brand now lies exposed before all,” she said, adding that now he will “no longer get a chance to hide”.

Discussing figures reported by the State Bank of Pakistan to the ECP, she said the party has 26 bank accounts, of which 18 were active, while only four were declared,” Maryam said.

The PML-N leader said she came across the premier’s tweet which said he welcomes the report and that ministers even said they have been “exonerated”, and asked what gives them such an impression.

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“You kept on running away [from the probe] for seven years. You used force, coercion and rigging and prevented the probe from advancing. And then when you knew that it has become unavoidable, that the people will ask ECP questions, you tried to prevent the release of the report by pressuring them,” she said.

Maryam said that subsequently the ECP’s jurisdiction was challenged, following which “delaying tactics” were employed for seven years.

She demanded to know why the party did not surrender itself for examination if it claims to not have engaged in any wrongful practices.

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