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Maryam accuses PM Imran of running country through ‘sorcery’


ISLAMABAD: PML-N Central Vice President Maryam Nawaz has said that Imran Khan is running the country through sorcery, big corruption scandals and incompetence will have to be answered.

Talking to the media after her appearance in the Islamabad High Court, Maryam said that the petitioner is such a super-genius, the face of the petitioner should be shown to the nation and he should be given salute of 22 cannons instead of 21.

“I am not afraid of arrest or NAB, I don’t care about arrest,” she said.

Criticizing Prime Minister Imran Khan, Nawaz said that Imran Khan is not a constitutional Prime Minister neither elected, he is selected.

Imran Khan does not have the mandate of the people, Imran Khan is occupying the Prime Minister’s chair and running the country through magic, she alleged.

Why don’t you make petrol and flour cheaper than Jantar Mantar? She said that if a person makes the most important appointments in the country through sorcery, instead of the Prime Minister, then it is not surprising that this country has become a spectacle in the world. 

She said, “Have you considered the nation as a fool?” Today you remember to respect the vote, one has to go to jail for honoring the vote, have to go into exile, have to go to the fort for the sake of respect the vote, don’t even try to become Nawaz Sharif.

Earlier in the Avenfield reference, Maryam Nawaz’s appeal against the sentence was heard. Maryam Nawaz appeared in the court along with her lawyer Irfan Qadir.