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Mahira Khan’s telefilm sparks debate between army vs civil doctors

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Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has been called off by netizens for labeling civil doctors as ordinary doctors in her recent telefilm ‘Ek Hai Nigar’.

Mahira Khan’s telefilm ‘Ek Hai Nigar’ is based on the real-life story of Pakistan’s first ‘Lieutenant General Nigar Johar’ which was telecasted on October 24 on TV, after the show ended several Pakistani civilian doctors were not happy about Mahira’s statement she presented in the show.

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Though, in the film, there is a scene in which Mahira on stage after becoming a three-star general said, “we aren’t ordinary doctors, we are doctors in uniform. Our public have many hopes from us”. On which several netizens took their social media accounts to show their distaste for labeling civilian doctors low as compared to Army doctors.

However, one of the social media users wrote, “Happy or sad, Grace , how do you feel? When 5 years of hard work pays you back with word “Ordinary Doctor”.

Several others took on their Twitter handles to condemn ‘Humsafar’ actress’s statement, Have a look.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing debate between the public, one part defends Mahira’s statement and the other one is against her.

One of the users while defending the doctors in uniform wrote, “This is a habit of this nation to create a fuss out of everything, there is a hell of difference among civilian doctors and ordinary doctors as the uniformed doctors are placed on one notice to shift to Skardu, turbat or other camps, meanwhile, the civilian doctors have the advantage to work on their will”.

source: online
source: online

The telefilm was premiered on-screen on  23rd October 2021, after which Mahira received immense laud from various celebs for her outstanding acting as ‘General Nigar’.

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