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Lahore contract killer murders man for Rs 10,000

LAHORE: Police in Lahore apprehended a suspected contract killer for murdering a man in the city after receiving Rs 10, 000 from an individual.
According to the police, the accused had taken a contract to kill a man after receiving Rs 10, 000 from his client. Police said during initial investigation the alleged shooter, Azhar confessed to receiving the money.
The killer told police that his handlers had promised him that he will be given Rs 190, 000 after he completes the task. The accused further said after killing the man he demanded remaining money from the client but he refused.
The accused claimed that he needed money for his sister’s wedding. Police officials in Lahore believe that as many as 20 gangs are active in the province.
The sources in police department said the groups were also involved in various murders, including those of stage performer Kismat Baig and GC University’s professor Tanzeem Akbar.
Usman Haider, a CIA official in Lahore, said that people hire contract killers so they don’t directly get involved in the murders.
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