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Kangana Ranaut talks about being sexually harassed as a child

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut recently spoke about a traumatic incident recalling facing sexual harassment as a child.

Kangana while talking about it in her reality show titled ‘Lock Upp’, said that so many kids go through this every year but we avoid talking about it on public platforms. “All of us go through this, all of us have been inappropriately touched at some point. I have faced this,” she said.

Ranaut went on to say that she was a child and a young boy from her town used to inappropriately touch her. “At the time, I did not know what it meant, no matter how protective your family is, all kids go through this,” she added. She further added, “Another point is that you are made to feel guilty for it. This is a huge crisis for kids in our society. To tell them the difference between good and bad touch may not be enough.”

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“It becomes such a huge crisis as kids are psychologically traumatised and scarred for life,” she Ranaut adding that these children face endless troubles in life. While continuing the incident, she said, “This guy was three to four years elder than me, perhaps he was exploring his sexuality. He would call us, get us all to strip and check us. We would not understand it at the time,” she said.



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