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Kaavan’s retirement is a consideration for feelings of animals: President Alvi

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has said that the retirement of Kaavan, the lone elephant of Marghzar Zoo, to Cambodia was a result of the consideration for the feelings of animals.

On a social media website Twitter, the president posted “Retirement of Kaavan to Cambodia is a result of consideration of the feelings of animals. Mohd bin Musa Al-Damiri wrote a book (Hayat al Haywan) in the 14th century”.

“In the intro, he says that he wants to change wrong human beliefs about animals. That they have intelligence and strong feelings,” Alvi added.

The president referred to Mohammad bin Musa Al-Damiri (Kamal al-Din Muhammad ibn Musa al-Damiri), an Arab Muslim writer of Egypt who had systematically elaborated Arabic knowledge of zoology during the 14th century in his famous book ‘Hayat al Haywan’ (Life of Animals). He was also a writer on canon law and natural history.

Earlier in the day, the president along with first lady visited Marghzar Zoo as a farewell gesture for the Kavan.

After spending about 35 years in the Capital, Kaavan was being shifted to a sanctuary in Cambodia following the orders of the Islamabad High Court.

A Russian cargo plane has especially been chartered to transport the elephant. Kaavan’s retirement from Marghazar Zoo was made possible after a lengthy campaign by local and international animal activists.

Kavan arrived in Pakistan in 1985 as a presidential gift from the Sri Lankan government. In 2002, the animal was put in chains by the zoo administration due to its aggressive behavior. The chains were removed around five years ago following public outcry.