Junior doctor appointed executive director at RIC in merit violation

RAWALPINDI: Renowned cardiologist and chief executive Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology Dr Azhar Mehmood Kayani has appointed a junior doctor as executive director in violation of merit.
An associate professor has been appointed as executive director in gross violation of rules and regulations. Under existing rules, the doctor requires a minimum ten years of experience for the post.
Dr Mujtaba Ali Siddiqui has been appointed as Head Cardiac Surgery Department in place of expert surgeon Dr Tauqeer Akbar. The Executive Director has started transfers and postings on key positions, while the head nurse and other staff members of the department have been transferred.
Dr Siddiqui was appointed after the retirement of former executive director Dr Azhar Kayani, who was appointed as chief executive by former Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif.
Dr Siddiqui has not even completed his three-year tenure as associate professor before he was appointed as executive director. During the last three months since he assumed charge, Dr Siddiqui has shuffled the department misusing his authority.
Before his appointment, Dr Siddiqui was working under the supervision of Dr Tauqeer Akbar. According to information received, Dr Siddiqui has a dismal record include a harassment complaint by the head nurse in 2016. The doctor was issued a warning and no charges were filed, while several other harassment complaints were filed against him.
Dr Tauqeer Akbar said the RIC has become one of the best cardiology hospital in the country, while these illegal postings and transfers are spoiling the work environment.
He said that senior doctors including him have worked tirelessly to build the hospital, while it is unfortunate that they have seen this end result. He said he was removed over a personal grudge and the violation of merit will destroy the institution.
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