Journalist Ahmad Noorani’s wife Ambreen Fatima files for divorce

Umbereen Fatima has filed for divorce after rumors of divorce (PhotoUmbereen Fatima has filed for divorce after rumors of divorce (Photo Online) Online)

LAHORE: Ambreen Fatima, wife of senior journalist Ahmad Noorani, has filed for khula after rumors of divorce.

In a message on social media, while sharing the glimpse of the petition regarding ‘khula’, Ambreen Fatima wrote that she never sent any paper, despite being in a marriage. “It was said that I have been divorced,” she tweeted.

She further wrote that it has been formally established against her that she has been divorced without showing divorce papers to anyone. According to her, it was impossible for her to live in such a meaningless relationship after this humiliation. 

Earlier, she had said that the motives behind the attack on them were behind the false and baseless claim of divorce given to her. “No girl can be so shameless that she is divorced and she claims that she is not divorced,” she maintained.

She said that there could be no greater humiliation than for a girl to have to clean up her marital relationship. “Now, as a mother, I have to make decisions for the betterment of my children, which is my right and responsibility,” she said.

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