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Is Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh shortlisting his baby’s name?

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Famed Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has asked a contestant on the game show if he can borrow his baby’s name as he’s scouting for baby names.

The ‘Ramleela’ trouper gives a hint as if there is good news soon, Ranveer Singh while hosting a visual game show ‘The Big Picture’, asked a contestant who was from Gorakhpur India, that if he can borrow his baby’s name to name his future kid? saying “I am shortlisting baby names. If you don’t mind, can I take Shuryaveer Singh?”. 

Though the 36- year old while giving remarks about the contestant’s sister in law’s childhood days picture says that, “In two-three years, we will also have a baby. Abhay (contestant) your sister-in-law was such a cute baby. My life will be sorted if I have a baby like her”. Moreover, Ranveer opens up about his and Deepika’s relation that, she has been his support system since the beginning. He further reveals, ahead of the show he received a surprise from his wife.

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Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh is all set for his first-ever TV debut with a quiz show ‘The Big Picture’, this new quiz show tests contestants’ knowledge, visual memory, and IQ and gives them a chance to win Rupees 5 crore.

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