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Iran bans fire festival celebrations amid coronavirus outbreak

Iranian police have banned celebrations marking the upcoming traditional festival – Persian New Year Fire Festival – as part of precautionary measures to curb the outbreak of coronavirus.
According to an international news agency, Tehran’s police chief said, “Any gathering on the occasion of fire festival – Chaharshanbe Soori – is prohibited and the police will forcefully confront those who do gather.”
In this regard, another Iranian police official, Keyvan Zahiri has urged the people of Iran to stay at home during the festival and maintain social distancing.
He said, “Those who go out can be infected with COVID-19 and make things even worse for themselves and their families.
The Iranian police official further informed that lighting fires and setting off fireworks will also be prohibited.
Chaharshanbe Soori is a fire festival held annually on late Wednesday evening before the spring holiday of Nowrouz, which starts on March 20. During the festival, People of Iran jump over the fire and light fireworks to celebrate the event.
Iran is one of the worst countries to be affected by coronavirus. More than 850 people have been killed and almost 15,000people have been tested positive for the virus.
Earlier, Iranian government has closed the pilgrimage sites, shut schools and postponed cultural and sports events amid coronavirus outbreak.
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