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International Day of Democracy being observed worldwide

ISLAMABAD: The International Day of Democracy is being observed across the globe on Tuesday with an objective to provide an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the world.

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser and Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri have said that the continuity and stability of the democratic institutions is imperative for the progress of the country.

In their message on the International Day of Democracy, they said democracy ensures basic Human Rights including the right of freedom of expression.

Speaker Asad Qaiser said through democracy the country can be led on the path of progress and development and in the best public interest.

Deputy Speaker National Assembly, in his message said that democracy is the way by which the common man participates in the affairs of the state. He urged upon the regional and international community to support the Kashmiri people for their basic rights of Freedom.

In his message on the eve of this international day, Secretary General United Nations António Guterres said that as the world confronts COVID-19, democracy is crucial in ensuring the free flow of information, participation in decision-making and accountability for the response to the pandemic.

Guterres has urged governments to be transparent, responsive and accountable in their COVID-19 response and ensure that any emergency measures are legal, proportionate, necessary and non-discriminatory.

“The best response is one that responds proportionately to immediate threats while protecting human rights and the rule of law,” he said.

The UN chief’s policy brief says states must respect and protect, among other rights, freedom of expression and of the press, freedom of information, freedom of association and of assembly.

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has brought democracy in the spotlight and has resulted in major social, political and legal challenges globally.

The UN chief said as states around the world adopt emergency measures to address the crisis, it is critical that they continue to uphold the rule of law, protect and respect international standards and basic principles of legality and the right to access justice, remedies and due process.

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