Intel Corp reveals to use AI based products in 2020 Olympic Games

TOKYO: American tech giant Intel Corp has recently announced to unveil new technology to broadcast and measure the performance of players during the 2020 Olympic Games scheduled in Tokyo.

The company announced that the 3D tracking system uses cell phone cameras to capture video of Olympic games that will be used to design visual overlays and analysis.

The company has announced to enter a new market at the time when they are losing their grip on PC chips market share. Intel Corp was once dominant chipmaker is now looking for new opportunities as its artificial intelligence products are becoming quite popular worldwide

Rick Echevarria, GM of Intel’s Olympic Program said, “it is a golden opportunity for Intel to exhibit the microprocessor technologies the team has been building, along with innovations in software and algorithms to enhance the broadcast experience”.

Intel also mentioned that it intends to use VR to recreate images of venues to help train staff and live virtual broadcasts will be available for track events, beach volleyball, boxing, and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Other technological innovations during the Olympic games 2020

In July, the Japanese automobile giant, Toyota had launched a prototype of its next-generation field assist robot to be featured at the 2020 Tokyo games. The robot is apparently a small vehicle inspired by Toyota’s shuttle bus-shaped ridesharing vehicle which is still under development.

The company had said, “the robot, with a top speed of about 20 kilometers per hour, is equipped with a lidar sensor along with three cameras to help it perceive the surrounding environment”.



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