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Indian crispiest gol gappas, a must try for chatoras

Paani Puri is the perfect snack for anyone who takes pride in calling themselves a chatora. Karachi, being a metropolitan city, is full of spots selling the crispiest gol gappas.

Meerut Chaat Gol Gappe can be declared as the pioneer of hygienic chaat places. You might have tried and tested a whole lot of different places but you won’t find this authenticity anywhere else.

Imran, the owner of Meerut Chaat Gol Gappe at Landhi No. 4, shares that he has been selling gol gappas here for the last 12 years.

He learned to make gol gappas from his cousin in Meerut, India.  He said that gol gappe is basically an Indian souvenir that was formed in India but it’s also loved by the people of Pakistan.

Mixed with ‘dal moth’, gol gappe here is served with sweet chutney and chilled raita, interestingly, Meerut’s imli paani is green colour, it’s mixed with natural ingredients that help in digestion too.

The gappas are quite crunchy and crispy gappas when eaten. Interestingly the chanas were mild and easily chewable.

The joint does not only use tartar powder and tamarind in water but also ‘aamchor’ and ‘aalu bukhara’. This gives paani puri’s water a different taste, a treat for chatoras.

Meerut Chaat Gol Gappe is selling a plate of chatpati pati, crispy and delicious gol gappe at Rs. 100 per plate.

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