Illegal construction continues in Rawalpindi Cantonment Board area

RAWALPINDI: Illegal construction continues in Rawalpindi Cantonment Board Ward No. 10 in collusion with the Capital Development Authority’s officials.
According to sources, the main reason behind Illegal construction in Rawalpindi Cantonment Board Ward No. 10 is favors of senior officers to suspended inspectors.
Sources further said four inspectors, Qais Zahoor, Raja Arshad, Jawad Ali and Naseer Yousaf were recently suspended from their services on of complaints.
However, after the suspension, instead of taking any strict action against the corrupt officers, the Rawalpindi Cantonment Board officials turned a blind eye, while the petitions filed by the citizens against the said inspectors were also suppressed under the pile of files, sources added.
Sources said the suspended officers were involved in blackmailing of the new inspector, Rana Ishtiaq, and allegedly built several houses and shops in the area.
Sources also claimed that the construction mafia is turning its black money into white by constructing several housing schemes, plazas, and towers.
Islamabad administration and the federal police aren’t taking action against the construction mafia, sources added.
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