‘If Dr. Hasnat is being played by Humayun Saeed we should be proud’: Zahid Ahmed

Social media users cannot stop talking about the fact that Netflix will feature Humayun Saeed (Online)

Actor Zahid Ahmed has expressed his displeasure on social media over criticising Humayun Saeed’s selection in ‘The Crown’.

It all started when news started circulating of makers of Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ have cast Humayun Saeed as Dr. Hasnat in its season 5. Many people were happy, on the other hand, a few including veteran actress Sakina Samo was disappointed over his selection.

Now, the Ishq Zahe Naseeb has ranted over the unwanted have Saeed is getting from his own countrymen. “Historically, most Pakistani characters are played by Indian actors in Hollywood because Pakistani actors have no agents or representation there,” he posted on an Instagram story.

“If Dr. Hasnat is being played by Humayun Saeed we should be proud! It would have been very sad if the role was played by non-Pakistani artists,” he wrote.

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Many celebrities have come to support Humayun Saeed. Ahmad Ali Butt, Anoushay Ashraf, and Vasay Chaudhry supported Humayun Saeed. Butt said, “Why can’t we be happy on someone, why can’t we appreciate someone’s success or cheer for them? Why to be so hateful,may Allah soften our hearts and open our minds, when it comes to support and love each other.”


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