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IBA students involved in drug use, parents request cancelling admissions

IBA students involved in drug, immoral activities

KARACHI: The students of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) are involved in drug and immoral activities, sources revealed on Monday. 

According to sources, in the written complaints the parents of students requested the IBA to cancel the admissions of their children.

The parents of the students said that they sent their children for higher studies in the university by bearing hefty fees however, they used drugs in the canteen of Karachi University in front of IBA, adding that Karachi University, IBA and the canteen administration itself do not take any action in this regard.

According to the information received by MM News, on Sunday afternoon, a female student in IBA, called the police on 15, requesting help as her uncle was threatening to kill her.

Soon after receiving the call, Jauhar police intervened and took the student into custody from her grandmother’s house and shifted her to Shahra-e-Faisal Women’s Police Station.

Meanwhile, dozens of IBA students also reached there, some of whom even called themselves lawyers and went inside the Women’s Police Station where the girl’s heirs were also barred to meet with the girl.

Later the student’s family approached the Shahra-e-Faisal police station and requested to take her back. However, the women police station in-charge did not send the girl with her mother at the request of an NGO.

On Monday morning, the police presented the girl before the magistrate and shifted the girl to a shelter house in Karachi’s Nazaimabad at the request of the NGO.

After which the girl’s mother submitted an application to SSP Shahra-e-Faisal and said that the girl has used a misrepresentation and she is doing a rehabilitation course from drugs involved in IBA.

“I had written to the IBA administration two weeks ago that the student was constantly playing the online popular game Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and was addicted to ice, therefore, the IBA administration should cancel her admission to save my daughter from permanent destruction,” the woman wrote in the application.

“In our absence, the police had picked up my daughter from my mother’s house at the request of NGOs, in this case, keeping in view the Shariah law, the NGOs interventions should be stopped and my daughter should be returned to me so that I can provide her with medical care and psychological counseling,” the woman wrote.

On the other hand, sources said that the girl’s family told the university to cancel her daughter’s admission and her nine other classmates as they are involved in drugs.

Their six-month admission should be suspended and their families also be called and proper tests should be conducted to ascertain how long they have been addicted to drugs, she requested IBA in a written application.

Sources disclosed that IBA Executive Director Dr Akbar S. Zaidi, Registrar Dr Asad, Dean of Social Sciences, Director IBA’s Personal Secretary Naveed Goodell have full awareness about the suspicious activities of the group.

In this regard, SHO Gulistan-e-Jauhar Haider Bakhsh Soomro when contacted said that police had taken the girl into custody on Sunday on the complaint of the female student.

 The girl was later shifted to Shahra-e-Faisal Women’s Police Station and later she was taken to the court on Monday where no judge was present, as a result of which the girl was shifted back to a shelter home in Nazimabad. She will be presented to the magistrate on Tuesday after which the decision will be implemented, the police official added.

The girl’s uncle Hikmat Yar Khan when contacted said that they had sent his niece to study at the best university in the city however, there she started using drugs with other class fellows. Now she has the full patronage of NGOs, he added.

If the intelligence agencies, parents do not stop this deadly drug from spreading rapidly in the universities the nuisance could engulf the whole society, he feared.

Yar Khan appealed to the IGP Sindh, Additional IG Karachi not to get involved in the blackmailing of these NGOs and take action against this group for a better future for the students.  

On the other hand, education experts opinioned that the IBA administration should call the parents of the students involved in the suspicious activities and inform them and ask them for medical check-up reports so that the parents can treat their children who are addicted to drugs.

Meanwhile, IBA Karachi spokesperson said, “The family of the student is going through an internal crisis and their privacy should be respected. This is a family matter and the IBA is not involved. However, the allegations being leveled on IBA are being investigated,” the spokesman added.  

Here is a copy of the application written by the girls’ parents.

IBA students involved in illegal activites