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I sarcastically joked that women should be scared and pamper husband: Muneeb Butt

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Actor Muneeb Butt, who has been facing criticism over his recent remarks on a second marriage, just defended his stance that his statement was misinterpreted.

Muneeb Butt landed in hot water when his video clip went viral in which he was quoted as saying that women must have this fear so that they take care of their husbands and pamper them leaving no room for them to think about any other woman. He faced backlash for such a video and many social media users called him misogynist and sexist.

The actor recently took to Instagram and defended his statement by calling it misinterpretation. “This is the clip that is misinterpreted by a few publications, this was not a serious conversation as seen we were joking and I sarcastically joked that you should be scared and pamper your husband even more.”

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According to the actor, picking a clip and using it in a different context to malign a character is not journalism. “I do not think women should live under a constant fear that their husband will leave them. I am a husband myself and love my wife and she loves me, that’s the basic pillar of our relationship,” the Koi Chaand Rakh actor wrote.

The actor, who will be seen in an upcoming drama serial ‘Baddua’, also requested all the pages sharing such clips to do their basic fact checks then spread such negative content.

The actor recently appeared on a morning show where the host asked him about his opinion about a man’s second marriage. To which Butt responded that this fear should exist among wives that their husband might marry another woman and that way they should pamper their husbands more. He added that wives should look after their husbands.  

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