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Hot and humid weather expected today in Karachi: Met Office


KARACHI: The Meteorological Department has made an important forecast regarding the weather in the Sindh capital.

According to the details, the Meteorological Department has forecasted hot and humid weather in the city today and tomorrow. The maximum temperature was recorded at 36 degrees today.

According to the Meteorological Department, southwesterly winds are blowing in the city at a speed of 12 km per hour while the humidity in the air was recorded at 66 degrees due to which the intensity of heat is being felt more.

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The Meteorological Department said that today the minimum temperature was recorded at 25.5 degrees Celsius the information will remain clear but there is no possibility of rain. In addition, the Meteorological Department has warned that a new heatwave is likely in the city from April 15 or 16.

On the other hand, the Meteorological Department said that the weather will remain hot and partly cloudy in most parts of the upper parts of the country. Light rain with thunderstorms is expected. The weather will be hot and dry in most districts of Sindh province. However, dusty winds are likely in upper Sindh in the afternoon.

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