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Health experts start developing vaccine against coronavirus in China

BEIJING: The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has started developing a vaccine against coronavirus.
Citing the move the official China Daily newspaper reported on Sunday, Wenbo Xu the head of the center’s virology institute, scientists have managed to isolate the virus and are currently selecting a strain for the vaccine.
The report further stated the center is screening medications for the treatment of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus.
It is pertinent to mention here the new type of coronavirus is currently spreading across the world, was first reported in the Wuhan central Chinese city in late December.
 There have been already over 1,970 confirmed coronavirus cases in China, with the death toll now standing at 56.
Apart from China, confirmed cases of the new coronavirus have been recorded in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Nepal, France, the United States, Malaysia, Australia and Canada.
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