Four men clad in police uniforms gang-rape bride in Multan

MULTAN: Four armed men clad in police uniforms allegedly ganged-raped a bride and made off with five tolas of gold and Rs125, 000 in cash in the Shujaabad area of Multan, sources said on Wednesday.

According to sources, four-armed criminals stormed the house of a newly married couple in the Shujaabad area and held the family hostage at gunpoint for three hours.

Sources further said they beat up the groom and allegedly subjected the bride to sexual abuse in their separate room. They made off with five tolas of jewellery and Rs125,000 in cash, sources informed.

Later, a contingent of Shujaabad police personnel reached the scene of the crime and began collecting evidence. The police said the couple had been taken to a hospital where the woman will undergo a medical examination to ascertain whether she was sexually abused by the armed men.

The family of the victim appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan, as he believes in justice and equal implementation of law and demanded the victim’s basic right to justice. “We seek justice against the mighty who involved the crime,” the family said.

It is worth mentioning here that incidents of sexual abuse have been reported from the province and in a recent incident, a young girl was allegedly gang-raped by more than four people in Faisalabad.

According to a report issued by the Punjab Police, the crime rate in Punjab increased by 14 percent in the province during 2020 as compared to the previous year.

More than 328, 00 rape cases were reported in different areas of the province during the last eight months, according to data compiled by the police department.

The report said more than 160 murder cases were reported from January 01 till August 10, while the robbery was reported 11,587 times in Punjab.

During the last eight months of 2020, 22 cases of ransom kidnapping and 2523 cases of rape were registered in the province. The report said that 132 cases of gang rape were registered.