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Five makeup tips every working woman should know

Mastering certain make-up tricks make a huge difference for working women in the morning when they are late for work. Such tricks can help those women who are especially not a morning person.

With such small changes, one can look good in no time. Here are the five tips and hacks that every working woman should know:


Concealer undoubtedly holds the status of the holy grail of makeup because it allows one to look naturally flawless. Use a concealer with a damp sponge rather than a dry one if you want natural and subtle coverage.


Choose a neutral or light colour such as brown and use it on your lash line rather than putting it in the lower line. It gives a natural liner look without making you look tired or dull. 


Few swipes of the product on your upper and lower lashes can really open up your eyes and enhances the eyelashes.


The common mistake people make is making a run for their bronzers in the morning trying to light up their pale or dull complexion. Rather than a flushed appearance, it gives your skin a sallow tone. In such a situation, your best bet is blush to give a flushed tone to your cheeks.

Lip Gloss

Matte lipsticks are a no-no because they give a very dry and cakey look to your face. Instead, lip glosses are better because they give a natural look but be sure to pick your colours wisely.  

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