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Family members misinterpreted my age, claims Dua Zehra

The video statement of Dua Zehra, who went missing last week, has been released from the Al Falah Society in Karachi as she said that her family members are giving wrong age while she is an adult.

Dua Zehra’s video message clearly hinted that she married Zaheer Ahmed of her own free will.  In her video message, Dua Zehra has said that her family members used to beat her and were forcing her to marry someone else which she did not agree to.

Dua Zehra said that she left the home of her own free will and no one kidnapped her. “I did not bring any valuables from my house,” she maintained.

In the video message, Dua Zehra also said that her family members have misrepresented her age as she is not 14 years old. “I am an adult, I am 18 years old,” Zehra said. She has also given an affidavit in favour of her husband in which she has confirmed her marriage to Zaheer Ahmed on April 17.

It should be noted that Ghulam Mustafa, the marriage seeker of Dua Zehra, was also taken into custody by the police yesterday. Police sources said that the police is interrogating the groom Ghulam Mustafa but the groom said that he did not perform the marriage.

Police sources said that Mustafa has given a statement to the police that the writing of the marriage certificate seems to have been seen.

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