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Cristiano Ronaldo defeats Dwayne Johnson to become Instagram’s highest-paying celebrity

ONline and Times of India)

Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has defeated famous wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson on social media by gaining no.1 spot on Instagram Richlist.

According to the Hopper website, Cristiano Ronaldo won the title of the most expensive post on Instagram in 2021. Ronaldo receives Rs 282.9 million per post on Instagram while Dwayne Johnson receives Rs 268.6 million per post.  

2021 Instagram Richlist by Hopper

It is to be noted that Cristiano Ronaldo has 389 million followers on Instagram while The Rock has 289 million followers. The previous year, The Rock secured the top spot as each of his posts on the Facebook-owned platform made $1,015,000.

However, the Jumanji actor could only earn $1,523,000 per post in 2021 while his followers on the platform have reached up to 289 million in comparison to 225 million in 2020.

This year, the Portuguese footballer has taken the lead on the list. Also known as CR7, the footballer has earned $1,604,000 per post throughout the year while his followers have also jumped up to 388 million.

Third on the list is Ariana Grande, who receives Rs 265.7 million per post while Kelly Jenner receives Rs 262.9 million.





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