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Coronavirus pandemic threatens global peace, security: UN Chief

Coronavirus pandemic threatens global peace, security: UN Chief
UNITED NATIONS: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned the Security Council that the coronavirus pandemic was threatening international peace and security, potentially leading to an increase in social unrest and violence.
Antonio Guterres urged the Security Council to unite on tackling the deadly virus and said that its engagement would be critical to mitigating the peace and security implications of coronavirus pandemic and would count for a lot at this anxious time.
The UN chief further said that the coronavirus crisis has hindered international, regional and national conflict resolution efforts, exactly when they are needed most.
Antonio Guterres also cited other pressing risks to global security from the coronavirus pandemic: terrorists seeking an opportunity to strike, potentially with a biological attack, the erosion of trust in public institutions, economic instability and political tensions from postponing elections or referenda.
He reiterated that the United Nations faces its gravest test since the organization was founded 75 years ago. He concluded that this was the fight of a generation.
The Security Council – which has been silent on coronavirus pandemic since it started – issued its first brief press statement after closed meetings.
The UN body has expressed support for all efforts of the secretary-general concerning the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to conflict-affected countries and recalled the need for unity and solidarity with all those affected.
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