Coronavirus cases in Pakistan surge past 1750

KARACHI: The confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pakistan has surged past 1750 as new cases have been reported in several areas across the country.
According to the provided details from provincial health departments, the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached 1764 and the death toll of the country has reached 22.
In this regard, the Sindh health department reported 21 news cases in Karachi, bringing the provincial tally to 529, while 8 deaths have been reported in the province. The health department further said that 249 people had tested positive for coronavirus in Karachi so far.
Simultaneously, the Punjab health department has informed that 45 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the province, bringing the provincial tally to 638, while 6 deaths have been reported in the province so far.
The Command and Control Centre has informed that the total number of patients who have recovered from the virus across Pakistan is 28.
The national dashboard has reported that three new cases of coronavirus were reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, three in Balochistan, five in Gilgit Baltistan and eight new cases were reported in Islamabad.
‘Breakup of the tally’
Punjab: 638
Sindh: 566
KP: 217
Balochistan: 144
GB: 142
Islamabad: 51
AJK: 6
Total cases: 1,764
Deaths: 22
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