Citizens irked by piles of garbage in Rawalpindi locality

RAWALPINDI: Huge piles of garbage can be witnessed in Qasimabad area of Rawalpindi Cantonment, causing immense discomfort to local residents.

The area is located on Main Peshawar Road, a few steps away from Rawalpindi Cantonment Board. Residents have complained over the piles of garbage strewn across the area, raising fear over the spread of diseases

The residents complained that the area is deprived of basic people as it is homes to poor, underprivileged people whose pleas are unheard. They said most of them are labourers and are compelled to live in the area despite the overwhelming stench of garbage.

The residents further said the local authorities have not taken any action neither have RCB officials turned to address their woes. They appealed to Cantonment board members to remove the garbage from their area.

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