China closes transport as coronavirus death row rises to 25

BEIJING: China has ramped up efforts to combat a virus that has killed twenty-five people and infected over 800 people, China suspended public transport in ten cities, shutting down temples, and quickly building new hospitals to handle infected people.
On Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced China’s new coronavirus an emergency for China. However, while WHO did not declare it the worldwide outbreak.

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Over the Lunar New Year, as the centenary of millions of Chinese travel home or abroad during weekly vacation periods that started on Friday, health authorities fear that the rate of infection may increase.
The National Health Commission announced that 830 cases had been confirmed and 25 had died as of Thursday. It is suspected that the virus emerged on a market that traded illegal wildlife in the Chinese central city of Wuhan.

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Previous research has shown that the Wuhan virus has been transferred from snakes to humans in the most recent stage of its development. In a virtual lockout, Wuhan, a city of 11 million people and a major transport hub.
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