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Celebrity couple Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri talk about marriage plans

Aima Baig has sung numerous hit songs but Qalabaz Dil became her claim to fame song (Pinterst)

Celebrity couple Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri have just revealed plans for their marriage.

The couple recently appeared on a talk show were talking about marriage, Aima Baig revealed, “We will marry soon”. Shahbaz Shigri also agreed with her and said, “Yes, soon, she said it, whatever Aima will say, I will say that.”

He further said that soon and they have plans to get married. Aima further said, “InshaAllah because if we have gotten engaged then surely we are planning to marry soon.”

The couple further talked about their relationship and opened up about the conditions Aima Baig set to marry Shahbaz. He first accidentally gave his conditions, “Aima won’t get angry, she won’t fight and she won’t hung up call, Aima loved all these conditions and also agreed to.”

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Later on, Shahbaz talked about Aima’s conditions and said, “She would say me not to play games for sure as I am a crazy player and spend hours in gaming, secondly, I think, lately, I am learning the piano so she would enjoy me playing piano for any of her songs.”  However, talking about the third condition he said that she would want me not to let her put on weight because she doesn’t want to put weight.




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