Betterment witnessed in KMC, claims Nasir Hussain Shah

KARACHI: Sindh Local government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has claimed that betterment was witnessed in Karachi Metropolitan Corporation in all district municipal corporations after posting of administrators.

While presiding over a meeting at the KMC building to review uplift works, the minister said that all issues could be resolved through the right utilization of resources.

He said that priority should be given to ongoing development schemes and the KMC has enough resources and if the same are utilized rightly there would be no need for any grant to KMC. “We will request Chief Minister to issue funds to KMC if needed, he said.

He directed the local government Secretary to hand over completed projects including Drig road underpass, Mehran underpass of the department to KMC. Nasir Hussain Shah also directed the concerned officials to prioritize the schemes that are in favor of the public in Karachi.

The PPP leader said that the charged parking system should be transparent and the bylaws of advertisement should also be made as it can increase the revenue of the KMC.

The Minister hoped that civic facilities being provided to the people would be expanded and their issues are resolved. The measures adopted by KMC for the uplifting the infrastructure of Karachi were discussed as well as future planning was done in the meeting.