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Ayeza Khan urges fans to educate children on coronavirus

Actress Ayeza Khan has recently opened up about getting to work with Bollywood’s top two directors Imtiaz Ali (INSTARAM)
KARACHI: Actress Ayeza Khan has urged her fans and followers to give acute knowledge to their children about the coronavirus outbreak.
Ayeza Shared a picture on Instagram, said, “Your children need at least 10 to 13 hours of sleep, set up a bedtime routine no matter they have school in the morning”.
She said, “Because the human body needs recovery, especially kids, as they are equally vulnerable to catching viruses as an old person.”
“A well-rested body can fight away any virus,” she explained. The actress further wrote, “A regular bedtime routine encourages good sleep patterns. A routine of bath and story before bedtime can signal their brain that it’s time to sleep.”
“Don’t enforce it upon them but rather educate them about the virus. Don’t scare them, but prepare them to fight the epidemic.”

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