Mawish Moulvi

Mawish Moulvi

The writer is a lawyer and journalist.

When the rich start dying

Almost a year and a half has passed since the COVID-19 virus was first detected in December 2019, killing more than 3.3 million people worldwide. As the cases spike and decline, with nations going into and coming out of lockdowns,

Europe’s Religious Pawns

Almost 178 years ago, German philosopher and economist Karl Marx once famously wrote: ‘religion is the opium of the people’. This oft-quoted remark of his sought to express religion as an institution dependent upon the economic realities of society. For

George Floyd and we the people

Almost a year after the brutal murder of African American George Floyd, racial justice has finally been served in the world’s most self-exalted democracy. Caucasian police officer Derek Chauvin who tackled Floyd, suffocating him to death during an attempt to

Dowry – A daughter’s burden

‘An unmarried daughter is a father’s eternal burden’. The oft repeated axiom dictates much of life in South Asian households, hinging the survival of women upon male whims. A change of home is mandatory and the failure to do so

An open apology to the family of Dr. Abdus Salam

I was a mere child when your father passed away on this very day 24 years ago. Growing up I never came across his name. As a Pakistani child, I certainly knew who our nation’s heroes were, for school and

Pinktober: Desexualizing Breasts

Breasts. There, I have written it. And it is high time we learned uttering the word without feeling awkward or ashamed. The male gaze in associating breasts to their sexual pleasure has rendered any mention of the said female body

Vulgar Witches

Producer Asim Abbasi’s Churails (Witches) are unwelcome in Pakistan. They have been deemed too vulgar. The show streaming on ZEE5 was barred for Pakistani audiences when a dialogue concerning sexual favours went viral. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority on receiving multiple

Me Too After Meesha

The Shafi v Zafar battle has taken a new turn with the FIA cybercrime wing booking singer Meesha Shafi and eight others for running a smear campaign against star Ali Zafar with unfounded allegations of sexual harassment under the umbrella

Of silent men & maulanas

‘I am raising a boy your daughter will be safe with’ read a poster at the protests held in solidarity with the motorway gang rape victim. But why should the burden once again fall on the shoulders of women alone?

Uighurs: The inconvenient Muslims

‘Politics will help you understand the world until you don’t understand it anymore, and then it will get you thrown into a prison camp. Politics and religion both’ penned Heather Morris.  These words can be found between the pages of

The looming wheat crisis

People across Pakistan, including Sindh, are currently facing a shortage of wheat and flour crisis. The tragic news is that, looking at the current scenario, there maybe a shortage of 1.9 million metric tons of wheat expected during the current