Mahboob Qadir

Mahboob Qadir

The writer is a retired Brigadier. He has extensive experience in dealing with UN matters related to strategic policy on countering violent extremism.

Keepers of Our Judicial Ethics-II

Like the female Cobra, our Judiciary seems to devour its children by either throwing them to the wolves or simply reducing some of their historic decisions to a meaningless pile of paper. In this regard the most bizarre but bald

Keepers of Our Judicial Ethics-I

My lord may I make a few humble submissions about matters that have continued to generate dark fears of unpleasant consequences which might befall our tentative republic if not addressed? These submissions are neither in their order of priority nor

Thinking aloud: Obituary for a nation but not quite

 After witnessing disgusting monkey tricks and mockery of the democracy during HamzaShahbaz’s re- election as CM Punjab and afterwards  one has finally arrived at the painful conclusion which I had kept pushing down since long. But before that lets examine

Pakistan’s Defining Moment 

Individuals, families, societies and nations sooner or later arrive at a fork in the road during their life. This happens either by the force of events, overwhelming external environment, or powerful indigenous factors which tend to affect a qualitative change

Wavering Saga of Sentiments and Sensibility 

Human society is a mosaic of various colors and hues which create a rainbow effect upon some and bewilderment to quite a few others. These responses are a function of multiple factors like the level and scale of one’s physical

Loss of Great Ambiance

I feel humble by the large number of people, young and old, sharing their worries, anguish and pain over the recent tumultuous turn of events. In which by an apparently queer but predictable coincidence, most painfully and utterly unnecessarily the

Afghanistan and Regional Security Paradigm

Let’s for a moment recollect the geopolitical significance of Afghanistan’s military geography. As we know it is located at the junction point of the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia. Slightly farther north is Russia and off centre to

Past Never Dies

Past never dies sounds like a cliché, yes quite but it is more than a cliché, it is a hard and present fact. Yet past is a different canvas, seemingly remote and hazy. It is nostalgia, bitter sweet memories, regrets,

A Murder Most Foul

Islamabad was badly jolted on a day before Eid not by an earthquake but by the brutal murder of Noor Mukaddam, a winsome young girl by a typically bouncer-looking man. Details of murder which have emerged point to a premeditated

America’s inglorious exit from Afghanistan 

Thinking minds have raised intelligent questions upon Taliban’s spectacular military success and finally the swift capture of Kabul in a matter of weeks much against predictions by leading world think tanks, military strategists, US State Department, Pentagon, and  Joe Biden

Imran Khan – Enigma or Charisma

What is happening to Jehangir Tareen and the way he is being hounded reminds me of my original premonition about Imran Khan which has slowly but painfully come true. But before that it is in fitness of things to recollect

Edge of a precipice? – Part 3

The tables turned in Afghanistan as the trail of attack over World Trade Center and elsewhere on 9/11 was traced back to Taliban regime in Afghanistan and to OBL’s Al-Qaeda sheltered by them. The US prepared to reinvade Afghanistan and

Edge of a precipice?  – Part 2

Gen Zia appeared on the podium not as the champion of democracy but as the savior and custodian of true faith. He wowed to restore our mutilated social equilibrium via the faith module, not quite realizing that faith or religion

Edge of a precipice – Part 1

Do we really know or care to know what is happening around us? How have we been treated by the state, society, leadership and the clergy and where are we being taken to? These are not just questions out of

Military Entrepreneurs

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar had recently observed, quite dryly, during a related hearing as to why the Army was setting up wedding halls and shopping malls on military lands in the garrisons, and also housing societies like DHAs

Just a matter of sensitivity

My brother and his wife had gone to Canada to visit their son and daughter-in-law and were stuck under the coronavirus lockdown. After initial irritation due to sudden internment, it became lifelong learning as they witnessed the discipline of Canadians

Ramazan Mubarak under Corona’s Siege

This time Ramazan is different. It is quiet, subdued, and lacks its traditional luster. It also got a confused reception by the faithful who are not sure how does the administration really want them to observe various elements of Ramazan

The writing reed and split nib

Fountain ink pens have been the craze and grace of an era of style and aristocratic clan. Waterman, Mont Blanc, Parker, Sheaffer’s and the likes were very high quality writing instruments and  their repairmen were actively sought after, rare to