Hunaid Lakhani

Hunaid Lakhani

The writer is Head of Bait-ul-mal Sindh & Founder of Iqra University.

New Sindh LG bill

Democracy in developed societies is based on an active, stable and empowered local government system, the continuation of which strengthens the parliamentary or presidential system and makes the society prosperous. But unfortunately in Pakistan, the elites did not allow the

Effects of terrorism

There is no doubt that the terrorist attacks in Pakistan started after the US military operation in Afghanistan, and it all started after the 9/11 tragedy. On September 11, 2001 – the day that changed the history of the world

India’s extremism and Sufism

Once again, India, which claims to be the world’s largest democracy, has been exposed. The historic Bilal Mosque in the state of Haryana has been demolished in an unjust and forced manner by declaring it illegal. Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist

Victims of anti-encroachment drive

The rapid increase in slum areas is one of the failures of the local government. When the states fail to settle urban poor, slums begin to form. Poor planning, poor governance and poor monitoring are the reasons of the rapid

Karachi’s bright future

In the early 60s, Karachi used to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A peaceful and glorious Karachi where diplomats and tourists from all over the world roamed fearlessly. At that time, bazaars in Karachi contained

Dual standards of freedom

A wise person should understand another’s feelings and respect their sentiments irrespective of their religious belief. It is unacceptable to mock religion and esteemed personalities and then take an aggressive stance on the pretext of defending freedom of speech and

Thugs of Pakistan

Nowadays we keep talking about the thugs of Pakistan who looted the nationals and amassed wealth outside the country. This profession of thugs has been continued in the subcontinent since the fourteenth century. Our present thugs of Pakistan have left

Bhutto’s economics and national problems

The country’s economists are of the opinion that if the economic growth journey that started in the 1960s had continued, by now Pakistan might have gained its prominent place among the developed countries. Amid this period, economic assets began to