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Fazal Tanha

Fazal Tanha

The Writer is a Lecturer at Govt College Pashin.

Tolerance – key to democracy

History once again repeated itself by proving that public aspirations have no value and they don’t deserve political stability as well. It is a well-known but worrying fact that, throughout its tumultuous political history, Pakistan never saw an elected full-time

Contentment and peace of mind

In 21st Century, we are enjoying an independent, luxurious and comfortable life. We have all the modern facilities of life and lack nothing, except peace of mind, heart satisfaction and mental contentment. Contentment is neither something to be bought by

National integration in Pakistan

States come into being with the integration of nations. National integration is the feeling of unanimity within the state irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, language and creed. National integration solidifies the very foundations of statehood. The road to state-building goes