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Ali Zaidi advises MQM founder to clean bathrooms in state prisons

KARACHI: Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi has advised MQM founder Altaf Hussain to clean bathrooms in state prisons.

While sharing a photo of Altaf Hussain on his social media account, in which the MQM founder is busy cleaning the yard of his house, the federal minister commented, “He should be cleaning bathrooms in a state prison FOR LIFE without parole.”

Earlier, MQM founder Altaf Hussain, in his latest statement, had said that he is facing financial stress and as a result, cannot pay his bills and expenses.

The claims from Altaf Hussain came three weeks after the London High Court’s Deputy High Court Judge Peter Knox issued freezing orders on six properties controlled by the MQM founder, following an application for the takeover of these properties by the MQM-Pakistan.

The MQM leader’s deputy Mustafa Azizabadi issued a hand-written letter by Altaf Hussain from the MQM-London’s official Twitter account, appealing for funds and claiming that his financial situation has worsened.

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The judge ordered that Altaf Hussain can continue to use Abbey View house, High View Gardens first house, Whitchurch Lane first house, Brookfield Avenue house, High View Gardens second house, Whitchurch Lane second house, and the MQM’s 1st Floor Elizabeth House office till the outcome of the dispute between him and MQM-Pakistan.

Hussain said in the letter: “I have not enough money to pay the council tax, gas and electricity bills and other expenditures due to financial issues. I request you to consider offering your financial support to help the movement.”

Mustafa Azizabadi further tweeted that the MQM is “in extreme financial crisis, please help the party.”

He added he was writing with a broken heart that the leader who “personally distributed millions and billions amongst the party workers and got his followers to become lawmakers, ministers, advisers and mayors, who became billionaires but the same leader is today asking for financial help.”