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Zara Noor Abbas counts her blessings as she recovers from COVID-19

Zara Noor Abbas recovered from the coronavirus. Source: FILE.

Renowned actress Zara Noor Abbas has expressed gratitude for her blessing after she tested negative and recovered from the coronavirus.

In a post on her Instagram account, the ‘Phaans’ said: “Past few days have been tough. Tougher than I thought actually. But you see; coping mechanisms of your body and mind tame you in a way you’d never imagine.”

“Furthermore, Allah only puts you in the tests as much as you CAN take – and then while going through it all, you pat yourself and realise your inner endurance and strength was always a blow away.”

Zara announced that she has tested negative for COVID-19 and also shared her quarantine experience.

“This is my photo-dump for my Quarantine. I have watched movies, missed entertainers who left the world, read books, couldn’t smell, couldn’t taste, coughed, cried, paused, stayed and realised how blessed we are for everything in our life.”

Zara said she is “forever grateful for my family for hanging in there with me. Some friends who knew what I was going through. Thank you for your love and Duas.”

“Hoping for better times now. And trying to make each and every day count. In moments like these is when you realise that life if unpredictable and short. So LIVE IT!”