Work given to newcomers is based on Instagram followers not talent: Ali Abbas

Actor Ali Abbas has expressed that now the work given in the industry is based on the number of followers on Instagram.

In a recent interview, where Ali Abbas appeared as a guest complained that people are cast according to their Instagram followers, not their talent. “I have 217,000 followers on Instagram right now and people talk not towards my work but based on the number of Instagram followers, which is completely wrong.”


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“Would you judge Saleem Riaz’s talent based on his Instagram followers?” He asked. Or will you judge Noman Ijaz’s talent on Instagram? Ali Abbas said, “Every ticker here, Instagrammer, and now YouTube are all being cast. If someone’s video goes viral, it is being cast. 

Actor Ali Abbas has been working in the industry for quite some time. It is a widely known fact that he is veteran actor Waseem Abbas’ son but he has established his own place with time and effort.