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Try this insanely delicious funnel cake

If you are ‘sweet-toothed’ and always on the quest for extremely rich and delicious and highly Instagram-able desserts, this Funnel Cake is for you.

This new dessert shop popped up in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Shamim and they are serving some truly unique items. In fact, most of them haven’t been introduced here in Pakistan before!

Funnel Cake is served with ice cream, chocolate, and several dry fruits that take eaters into a new world of sweetness. Wasif, the owner of the shop, said that he first tried this insanely delicious dessert at an American festival. “I have never tried such a delicious dessert at a low price ever in my life,” he added.

“When I returned to Pakistan, I desperately searched this funnel cake in Karachi but failed,” he said, adding that that was the reason he started this business in the food city. Regarding the preparation and ingredients of funnel cake, he said that a mixture of flour, milk and egg is first prepared then it is boiled.

“After the mixture is fried, we put home-made chocolate on its top, and then we serve it by putting ice cream of different flavors,” he said. This delicious dessert is being offered at the rate of Rs180 to Rs250.