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Try popular Memoni dish ‘Khausa’ by talented students

When it comes to delicious hotchpotch dishes, the Memoni dish ‘Khausa’ comes to mind. ‘Khow Suey’, ‘khawse’, or ‘Khao Suey’, no matter how you spell it, this broth of noodles, chicken, coconut milk, and curry is the best desi food can eat.

Originally a Burmese dish, the tasty delicious Khao Suey is garnished with slims chips and fried onions. It is believed that the Memon community adapted Khausa, likely coinciding with the emigration of South Asians from Burma (Myanmar) in the 1960s.

The Khausa Express has become famous for mouth-watering Khausa over the years. You can get a hot and fresh and mouthwatering Memoni dish and it’s bingo! it’s hygienic and home-cooked too.

The venture is owned by a Karachi-based student from Kharadar whose special homemade Khausa is blended with lots of delicious flavours.

The Khausa, the spot serves is quite unique, it has a mild yet spicy, and crunchy taste. The cuisine is sold at Rs.150 for Chicken Khausa and Meat Khausa is sold at Rs200.