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Top research scientist demands support from government

KARACHI: Dr. Kashif Ishaque, leading research scientist, has demanded the government to provide facilities for research in the field of science, saying that emerging students have the capabilities to make Pakistan proud at the international level.

Dr. Kashif Ishaque from Karachi has made it to a list of the world’s top two percent scientists compiled by renowned Stanford University. The list published by Stanford University Global, USA included the names of 81 research scholars from Pakistan.

It is worth mentioning here that Dr. Kashif Ishaque is the only research scientist from Pakistan in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering whose name has been included in this list.

Talking to M.M News, Kashif Ishaque said, “I was told about my inclusion in Stanford University’s list of the most-cited research scientists in multiple disciplines.” He also said, “The whole Pakistan is giving congratulations for this honour, which is encouraging for me.”

Commenting on his new research, he informed that his team was researching to use solar energy in large scale power projects. “We want to produce electricity through solar energy on such a large scale that the distribution companies or the government itself make it available to the public at cheap prices,” he informed.

The leading research scientist also urged the students to acquire complete knowledge instead of taking shortcuts, so that no one can stop them from moving forward.

“There is no government support at any level in our research,” he added. “We often face financial difficulties in conducting research at a high-level. The government should also take measures in helping scientists in every means,” he concluded.

Dr Kashif Ishaque had earlier been given number one rank in the Directory of Productive Scientists published by Pakistan Council of Science and Technology (PCST) in Engineering Science and Technology in 2017.  He was also awarded the Research Productive Award (RPA) by PCST.

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